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We are a global trade compliance and freight service growing and expanding businesses globally
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What do we do?

Navigate complex logistics effortlessly with our Freight Compliance Hub. Stay up-to-date with ever-changing regulations, optimise routes, and ensure smooth customs clearance. Unlock a new level of efficiency and peace of mind for your freight operations with re:TRADE.
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Simplify shipping processes with re:TRADES comprehensive platform. From seamless booking to real-time tracking, empower your logistics management for successful deliveries. Experience hassle-free freight handling today.
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White glove service
Elevate your logistics with our bespoke solutions. We craft personalised strategies, ensuring seamless adherence to regulations and optimised supply chains. Experience compliance redefined, exclusively for your business
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Why us?

re:TRADE offers solutions for businesses who want a holistic, seamless, and personalised service dedicated to their market growth and expansion
Heres some of the many challenges we ensure your business will never encounter again

Struggling to fulfil customer orders cross-border

Keeping up to date with documentation requirements and the relevant processes

Goods getting stuck at customs causing delays and loss of revenue

Not understanding what you need to comply with new countries you expanding into

Struggle with VAT registrations and fillings to remain compliant

Struggle to leverage VAT reclaim for your business

The Risk of PE (Permanent Establishment)

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Being global has never been simpler.
We handle

export compliance
Exporting your goods
We handle the export journey seamlessly. From documentation to customs clearance, trust us to simplify your global expansion. Navigate borders effortlessly with our expert export solutions.
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transit compliance
Transit of your goods
Under our expertise, the global journey is effortless. We manage transit intricacies, optimising routes and ensuring on-time arrivals. Embrace smooth cross-border movement with our reliable transit management.
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import compliance
Importing your goods
Within our capable hands, global outreach is a breeze. We manage importer intricacies, from customs to delivery, ensuring a seamless entry into new markets. Simplify your global expansion with our trusted importer handling.
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Our specialised solutions

Our solutions are for businesses who experience challenges with the supply chain that want a holistic, seamless, and personalised service dedicated to their market growth and expansion

Non-EU shipping into the EU

18,500+ seamless and fully compliant shipments into the EU originating worldwide
Consolidated DDP shipments from the UK and Non-EU countries
Pre-Shipment & Post Delivery Compliance
Cross-docking shipments into all EU countries
VAT Reclaim
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trade from EU and UK into the USA

EU & UK shipping into the USA

6,500+ seamless and fully compliant shipments into the USA from the EU & UK
Consolidated DDP shipments
Pre-Shipment & Post Delivery Compliance
USA Importers Code application for foreign importers
USA Clearance
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trade from anywhere in the world to the USA

Shipping into & from the USA

8,000+ seamless and fully compliant shipments out of the USA to any destination country
Solution for shipments with a value of $2,500 or more
Pre-Shipment & Post Delivery Compliance
USA Export Facilitation
Destination Clearance
Return shipment facilitation
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How does it work?


Our onboarding process is designed to seamlessly guide you through our services, working to build out a bespoke supply chain

Shipment Booking

Automated document check

Streamline your shipping experience with our hassle-free booking system. integrated with leading partners to ensure your goods arrive safely and on time

Simplify document verification with our cutting-edge automated system. Our technology ensures accuracy and efficiency in validating crucial information

Live shipment tracking

Clearance & Shipment management

Stay informed every step of the way with our real-time shipment tracking. Gain peace of mind as you monitor your cargo's journey and delivery progress, right at your fingertips.

Tech when it's needed and human touch when counts, our shipments are all managed and assigned to an agent for each shipment, live chat with your assigned agent for an in-depth management of your shipment

Seamless Shipment Management

VAT compliance and reclaim

Experience the right blend of technology and personalised care, each shipment is assigned to an agent, ensuring expert management. Engage in meaningful live chats with your designated agent for comprehensive shipment oversight.

Our platform simplifies the process, allowing you to easily manage and reclaim VAT, ensuring accuracy and efficiency when shipping cross-border

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