Non USA shipping into the USA

More than 6,500+ compliant shipments made into the USA
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Ship your goods into the USA welcoming embrace, unlocking new markets and opportunities with our efficient and reliable logistics & compliance solutions.
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How we help our partners all over the world ship into the USA

Uninterrupted guidance and support with our real-time chat assistance, available on our freight and compliance platform.

Real Time Support

Analyse your performance and create gorgeous report

Route Analysis

Every business is unique and can face different challenges when it comes to trading into the European Union. That’s why we offer bespoke solutions designed to address your specific needs.

Bespoke Solutions

Sell and expand across borders with ease

Foreign Importer Registration

Streamline your entry into the U.S. market with our expert Foreign Importer Registration services. Navigate customs compliance, duties, and documentation seamlessly

EEI Filling - Import

Simplify your U.S. imports with our hassle-free EEI Filing services. Ensure smooth customs clearance and regulatory compliance while maximizing efficiency in your import operations.

Customs and Border Protection Compliance

Ensure smooth cross-border trade into the USA with our Customs and Border Protection Compliance solutions. Navigate complex regulations seamlessly to expedite your imports.

Merchandise Processing Fees

Navigate U.S. imports confidently with our MPF expertise. Streamline Merchandise Processing Fees (MPF) compliance, ensuring efficient customs clearance while optimizing cost-effectiveness."

Warehousing & Storage

Elevate your importing experience with our Warehousing & Storage facilities, offered as a service for business expanding into the USA, for your successful entry into the USA market.

3PL and Distribution

Empower your imports into the USA with our comprehensive 3PL and Distribution services. From seamless customs clearance to efficient last-mile delivery, we streamline your supply chain for unparalleled success in the American market.

Think its complicated? we take care of it all

More than just compliance and freight

It’s the whole package

Waybill generation

Quick, efficient, and accurate, ensuring that shipments are properly documented and can be easily tracked throughout the supply chain.

Shipment visibility

We utilise a combination of technology and logistics expertise to ensure live tracking of shipments throughout the supply chain.
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Shipment management

Our bespoke platform provides real-time tracking and visibility of shipments, allowing clients to monitor the progress of their shipments at all times.
reTrade document management

Post clearance

Post clearance integrations typically involves a two-way data exchange, which allows for real-time updates and increased visibility across the supply chain.
HS code management


Our expertise in compliance management ensures that all necessary approvals and permits are obtained in advance of shipment arrival.
customs and duties

Customs & duties calculations

Global access to databases of international customs regulations and tariff schedules to determine the applicable rates for each shipment which has been automated for our clients.

Other Solutions

With our years of expertise we have built up specialised solutions for various global shipper and consignee routes. Our solutions are not limited to these and you can contact us for your custom needs
world wide trade and compliance

Your bespoke solution

We have dedicated teams specialising in regions all around the world. Contact us to find out how we can provide you with a solution fit to your business needs
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trade from EU and UK into the USA

Non USA shipping into the USA

6,500+ seamless and fully compliant shipments into the USA from the EU & UK
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Non-EU shipping into the EU

5,000+ seamless and fully compliant shipments made in 2023 into the USA from the EU & UK
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