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Global trade can be messy, unpredictable and complicated.Our time as market leaders in the VAT reclaim arena has allowed re:TRADE to identify various gaps and challenges faced by businesses.

27+ years

of experience

The full compliance package

Customs Clearance

Efficient customs clearance is crucial for smooth cross-border trade. Our service handles documentation, duties, and taxes, ensuring that shipments comply with customs.

Tariff Classification

Enhance your business with our solution's Tariff Classification feature: Streamline international trade by automatically categorising goods, ensuring accurate customs duties and efficient compliance.

Export & Import Compliance

Ensure seamless cross-border operations with our solution's Export & Import Compliance, Navigate complex regulations effortlessly, avoiding penalties and delays while optimising global trade efficiency.

Supply Chain Audits

Elevate your supply chain management with our Supply Chain Audits feature, Gain transparency and traceability, empowering proactive risk mitigation and operational excellence.

Documentation Management

Simplify documentation using our Documentation Management feature; store, track, and secure vital trade-related paperwork, streamlining processes and ensuring regulatory adherence.

Risk Assessment

Empower informed decision-making through Risk Assessment, Evaluate potential trade risks comprehensively, enhancing strategic planning and safeguarding international business ventures.

Regulatory Updates

Stay ahead of evolving trade regulations with our Regulatory Updates feature, Receive real-time alerts and insights, enabling proactive compliance and minimising disruptions in your global operations.

Trade Data Analytics

Unlock valuable trade insights using our solution's Trade Data Analytics feature, Harness the power of data-driven decisions, optimise supply chains, and identify growth opportunities in the dynamic global market.

E-commerce Solutions

Post clearance integrations typically involves a two-way data exchange, which allows for real-time updates and increased visibility across the supply chain.
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The full freight package

Air Freight

Our air freight service is designed to ensure swift and secure delivery of your products. With an extensive global network of trusted partners. From small parcels to large cargo, we handle it all efficiently
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Ocean Freight

When it comes to ocean freight, we take care of every detail, from handling documentation to navigating complex customs procedures. Our ocean shipping services offer both Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL) options to suit your needs
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Road Freight

With our road freight services, you can trust us to manage transportation within the region efficiently. We have a dedicated fleet and a vast network of carriers worldwide to ensure seamless and timely deliveries to your desired destinations
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Our mission is simple

To leverage our experience, expertise and network to ensure our client’s supply chains are as robust, resilient and efficient as possible.
No surprises and no hidden costs.

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With our  teams across the globe, we have a world leading service ready to serve all your compliancy and shipping needs, no matter where you are


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